what happens here_2

Graphic projector, table tennis table, Rondo Atelier, Graz, 2010

During the artist in residence programme in Graz, Austria, I explored the idea and use of communal space within the purpose-built Rondo Atelier complex, which was designed to foster aspects of private and communal living. I removed the table tennis table from the private AVL* common room in order to change the function of the room into an exhibition space. A light shines to indicate the former presence of the table. This space could be seen by passers by who were excluded from the exhibition space which was attended by artists, local dignitaries and invited media.

*AVL is the privately owned company for development, simulation for passenger cars in Graz, Austria
Insatallation, dimensions variable, ETC source four lighting, dimmer, 2010
Common room of AVL, the corner of Weißeneggergasse and Mühlgasse, Graz